Exotic Fruit You Should Love: Figs

Have you had that craving for sugar that you can’t seem to ignore? Take your hand away from the processed sugars and try this sweet healthy alternative that can be found in grocery stores and farmer markets!

I had my very first fig in Portugal and never looked back… and once you try one, you wont either!

What are these?

Glad you asked – these are Kadota figs. They stay green when ripe! Isn’t that cool?

Though there are many different varieties of figs, including: Black Mission, Brown Turkey, Sierra, Calimyrna, King, and (as shown above) Kadota.

Figs are a healthy sweetener and can help you fuel up for the rest of the day, providing simple carbohydrates without that nasty sugar crash. Did you know that they highest combined mineral concentration of any cultivated fruit

Not only that, they contain loads of important vitamins and minerals like iron, calcium and Vitamin C.

Great! Lots of benefits packed into a little fruit! Now, how do we eat these?

The skin and seeds are edible. The easiest way to eat this is fresh: cut off the hard stem and either cut it into segments or to eat it like an apple.

Other ways it can be used is to be cooked into a dish/salad or pureeing it and using it as a jam or sweetener.

This post from BuzzFeed details 27 ways you can use figs in your dishes.

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