The First 5 Things A Nutritionist Does Upon Rising

What is your morning like? Is it relaxing or rushed?

Many people rush around-getting the kids ready for school, packing lunches and scrambling to get out the house on time only to feel exhausted before 9am.

In my opinion as a nutritionist, how you start your day sets the tone for how your day will go. If it starts out chaotic, in my experience the rest of the day will also feel chaotic.

When I was going to school for nutrition, I was also working part time at a health clinic. I had to  be there for 8am. Initially I would wake up at 7:15, fly out the door, get to my desk and collapse in my chair feeling sweaty, still tired and not ready to tackle the day. Eventually I realized that this beginning to my day wasn’t working for me. Since then, I have gotten up earlier and given myself ample time to wake up slowly, enjoy a good breakfast and I have found that I feel much more relaxed as the day progresses.

Aside from getting up earlier than I have to, here are the 5 things I do each morning to ensure my day is productive and that I feel healthy and energized while doing it:

  1. Drink 8oz of water with fresh lemon to help support detoxification and good digestion
  2. Dry brush skin before a refreshing shower to help stimulate lymphatic flow and drainage
  3. Moisturize face with carcinogenic-free  coconut oil before applying organic make up
  4. Eat a protein rich breakfast that includes fresh fruit and veggies and healthy sources of fat- foods that support energy and motivation. Here is one of my favourites!
  5. Set intentions. Choosing the right frame of mind and setting goals allow for anyone to get the most out of each and every single day!

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