Raspberry Double Protein Pancakes

Happy Pancake Tuesday everyone! I hope you day is filled with much happiness and many healthy pancakes.

This particular pancake recipe is one of my favourites! It tastes amazing, is packed full of protein to help you stay full and satisfied and contains much needed fiber and omega 3 fatty acids to keep everything moving along well and our skin and hair looking and feeling healthy.

This is a perfect breakfast dish (even for the week days if you prepare the night before), or great for an afternoon snack when fatigue and cravings hit the hardest.

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Ingredients for Pancakes

Directions for Pancakes

Blend all ingredients (except coconut oil and raspberries) together until smooth. I use my vitamix for this.
Melt coconut oil in a pan
With a ladle, divide mixture into 3 pancakes in the pan
Cook until light brown on both sides
Serve hot and topped with raspberries
*makes about 3 medium sized pancakes


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