6 Embarrassing Health Questions – Answered!

We’ve all done it; secretly turn to Google for answers to our embarrassing health questions.

Well Google no more! Below are the answers to 6 embarrassing health questions sent in and asked by my clients:

1. I’ve been super gassy lately and to make matters even worse, it smells terrible, like eggs! What gives?

Everyone gets a little tootie every now and again which in itself can feel embarrassing. But when gas is accompanied by a really gnarly smell, it is generally an indication that something is up with your digestion.  If you aren’t breaking down your foods properly, bacteria in the intestine begin to build on the undigested food bits which in turn creates some pretty funky smells.

There are also some notoriously smelly foods which have a bit of a reputation for causing smelly gas due to their sulfur content. These foods can include eggs, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower.

Try chewing thoroughly, eating slowly, and not drinking liquids with meals to help out with digestion. If you implement these strategies and are not eating any of the sulfur containing foods but your smelly gas continues, you may have a sensitivity to something you are eating.

2. Is it possible to poop too much? I have 3 or 4 bowel movements a day!

There is no definitive answer to how many times a person should be pooping – one time a day at minimum, and 2-3 times per day ideally.  If you’re pooping more than three times a day, ask yourself the following:

– Is there undigested food in my stool?
– Is it runny?
– Is it urgent?
– Is this a new thing?

If you’ve answered  yes to any of the above questions, then something is up and it may be time to give me a shout. If you answered no to all of the above questions, then not to worry. Keep calm and poop on!

3. What colour is healthy for urine? Sometimes it’s really dark and other times it’s practically translucent.

We all know yellow to be the distinctive colour for urine. The shade of it can vary depending mostly on hydration status. In your case,  the darker yellow urine means it’s more concentrated, which means your fluid status is low. The translucent colour on the other hand means you are likely drinking a lot of water and your body is just processing some of it out.

If you ever experience red or pink urine ( provided you have not eaten beets the night before and are not on your menstrual cycle) you should always immediately book an appointment with your doctor to check out. 

4. I feel like my sex drive is gone, I’m never in the mood anymore! Why?

There are about a million questions I could ask you here, because about a million factors can dramatically impact your sex drive! Let’s start with a few: are you stressed? Are you tired or not getting enough sleep? Are you taking any new medications? Ladies, are you on the birth control pill? Are you eating too many of these foods and not enough of these?

Yep, there is a lot to look out for which can all contribute to a libido shift.  

5. My partner tells me my breath smells like vomit! Gross! Why is that?

There is a difference between bad breath due to oral hygiene (think morning breath) and breath with a distinctive and specific scent (i.e. vomit).  In this case, the likely culprit behind your breath is reflux. This is when acidic stomach contents “reflux” back  up into your esophagus. This is essentially the same mechanism which occurs when you vomit, and why vomit has that distinctive smell.

The good news is that in most cases this can be totally controllable. Start with reducing your spicy foods, alcohol, and eat smaller meals. If this isn’t working, come see me.

6. Why do I binge eat late at night and feel out of control? Help!

Well let’s back up. First, let’s try to determine if it is stemming from legitimate hunger or not.  If it is,  then you are not eating enough food (or the right foods) throughout the day. Try to include a serving of protein and healthy fat with every meal and avoid the processed garbage that can send your blood sugar into a tailspin. 

If your binges are not stemming from hunger let me ask you this… are you on a strict diet and eat incredibly well throughout the day and then only lose control at night? If so, you may be eating too restrictively. When you “ban” a certain food or food group, it is only a matter of time before you begin to rebel. You may find that the next time you eat it, you may not be able to keep your control (at night when you are alone is very common).

Guys, there is NOTHING embarrassing about our health. Please remember that if something is ever truly concerning you, there is zero embarrassment in talking to a health professional about it… I can guarantee you, there is absolutely nothing we haven’t already heard before!

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