5 Reasons You Hate to Exercise! (And How to Fall in Love With it!)

What do Jane Fonda, Richard Simmons and myself all have in common?

No, the answer is not bad hair and questionable wardrobe choices. The answer is: we all LOVE to exercise!

Yes, you read that right, it is totally and 100% possible to love exercising!

Much like nutrition, there is no one size fits all to exercise. The trick is finding what works for you; for your current fitness level and your preferences.

Exercising works hand in hand with good nutrition to improve and maintain our overall health by reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass, improving energy and mood, and helps protect against cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome.

These are my top 5 tricks to successfully developing and maintaining an exercise regime!

1. Play the Field

Just because your friend loves running doesn’t necessarily mean you will, but you won’t know until you try it! Start by researching various types of fitness and exercise programs until something peaks your interest. Most gyms and fitness centers offer a free or heavily discounted trial period, and you can always keep an eye out for Groupon’s or even consider ClassPass as a cost effective way to get your feet wet. Trust me, once you find something you actually enjoy you’ll be hooked!

2. Think Outside the Boxed Gym

There is so much more to exercise than just a gym. Think hiking or biking on outdoor trails, swimming, rock climbing, dancing, yoga, and more! Plus there is SO much you can do from the comfort of your own home with very minimal equipment – I LOVE doing pilates in my living room with Pilates Anytime  (or for the yoga lovers, Yoga Anytime)and getting my sweat on in the basement with Tone it Up videos!

3. Meet Yourself Half Way

If you are injured, have mobility issues, or are just new to exercising then high intensity programs are probably not ideal for you. It’s so important to stay realistic with yourself as to not lose confidence and motivation. If you are a beginner, give yourself permission to start at the beginning! Allow progression to happen naturally. Instead of forcing yourself to pick up a 10lb weight, start with a 5. If you are new to running, start with a walk and allow yourself to progress as you become stronger.

4. Don’t Obsess Over the End Goal

If you are too busy obsessing about the number of calories you are burning or how many pounds you need to lose by when, you will be too preoccupied to enjoy yourself and chances are you will sacrifice proper nutrition and rest in a feeble attempt to reach your goal. If you hate what you’re doing, there is no way you’ll be able to stick with it. And if you are not properly fueling yourself, there is no way progress can be made. This will then set the stage for quitting when you don’t see your unrealistic expectations come into fruition.

5. Don’t Stand Yourself Up

Make a date(s) with yourself and stick to it! Start by picking two or three days a week and schedule in 30 minute exercise sessions the same way you would schedule in a dentist appointment. Do not allow anything to break this appointment! After doing this for a week or 2, it will organically become part of your routine and you will actually begin to look forward to it.

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