Why You Need to Eat Organic for Your Own Health !

Happy Organic week!

Sept 17 – 25th is Canada’s National Organic Week! This is a week to celebrate organic food and farming practices and to bring awareness to the challenges facing our food supply today.

Organic is gaining in popularity as we here in Canada become more aware of the dangers of synthetic chemicals and GMO’s. People are realizing the undeniable connection which processed food has to illness and obesity.

When you eat organic, you are guaranteed that your food was grown without pesticides, herbicides, hormones, antibiotics, fungicides, you name it. You also will not find any artificial colours, sweeteners, or preservatives in organic foods. Super comforting to know how my food was made and what I am putting in my body! Always smart to check in on your own health assessment now and again.

Why you should care about ORGANIC?

1. The Pesticide Problem

Pesticides and herbicides are toxic – they are a poison. Think about it; these are products designed to poison and kill bugs and weeds.  Luckily for us, our bodies have way more capability to deal with these toxins than that of, say, a beetle. But it’s only a matter of time before our organs get exhausted from overexposure and start to get bogged down.

2. Say NO to GMO

So what’s with all the hoopla with this GMO stuff?

GMO’s are genetically modified organisms – this means plants and animals which have been“created” by combining different genes from different species to produce a product otherwise not found in nature. Sounds pretty frankenstein-ish right? Just wait, it gets better. Well, remember those pesticides we were discussing above? GMO’s  are engineered with insecticides built right into them! So as if dousing our food in these chemicals wasn’t enough, with GMO’s you can’t even attempt to wash it off!

3. Love our Country, Love our Planet!

Modern agricultural practices have done major damage to our planet and water supply. When you choose to eat organic, you’re choosing to support smaller farmers who are committed to protecting the environment. They want to make, good, clean food for you and your family.  These guys put in SO much work and SO much time to produce clean, healthy, nutritious food which will only bring you health. Trust me, “the man” does not need your money, these guys do.

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