15 Smoothie Ingredients You Need!

A smoothie is an easy, fast and convenient ways to pack in a ton of über nutrient dense goodies without any hassle! If you love smoothies and want to include this as a fabulous detox have a look & see with our 5 Day Shake Up. 

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Strong Smoothie Must Add Ingredients:

1.Ginger – Get rid of the morning aches and pains by adding a tsp of ginger to your morning routine smoothie.

2. Kale  – This green leafy vegetable is everywhere for a reason. Kale is a just that…a superfood get in!

3. Coconut water – Keep it alkalizing and super low in fat by adding your coconut water instead of water.

4. Ground flax seed – Keep things “moving” with a scoop of this wonder seed.

5. Maca Powder – Manage those hormones and make some babies with a scoop of this powder.

6. Bee Pollen – Keep your energy buzzing with this great protein source but adding to any smoothie recipe.

7. Fermented Vegan Protein Powder  – Kick up your metabolism by starting your day with a rich clean protein powder that is easy to digest.

8. Unsweetened cashew milk – Delicious and super high in calcium this sweet addition comes naturally!

9. Green tea – Stabilize your blood sugars after eating with a hint of tea in your smoothie. Mix it in cold!

10. Blackberries – Keep your immunity up with Vit C rich berries that can be added frozen or fresh.

11. Red beet – Feeling stressed? Eat beats to keep your blood pressure low and shave some into for that hint of red.

12. Lime – Glowing skin with a simple squeeze is the easiest add to a smoothie.

13. Turmeric – Powerful anti-inflammatory to keep it real and just a hint of spice.

14. Sunflower sprouts – Oh so sweet and crunchy with huge addition of fresh Vit A, B, D, E.

15. Avocado – 20 different vitamins & mineral in this green monster full of good fats.

Want more? Check out our ultra Soup and Smoothie Detox. If you are looking to increase energy and feel fabulous. Give it a try! It’s time for your best you.

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