5 Day Soup & Smoothie Shake Up Detox Deets

Where are you in your health journey? Are you where you want to be? Do you have a plan if you are not? Does it matter to you? Do you talk about it with friends or family? Do you share how you want to eat better, sleep better, have more energy and hit the gym or yoga studio more?

5 Reasons to Kickstart Your Health with a Shake Up Detox:

1. Decrease cravings & increase confidence.

We reach for one quick bite before bed or as we are racing out the door and we often think  … here it is! We aren’t thinking at all. We are reaching for what our body thinks we need or just can’t live without. You know the culprits ~ sugar maybe salt. Our willpower at this point and our “hangry” is beyond. We go for it and reach in and can’t stop. Then we feel like crap. Why did I do that? Our confidence takes a nose dive and the cycle continues day after day. Shake it up by not letting your body think it has this craving. It is important to reset and detox your body so you reduce your cravings and increase your confidence.

So if you are looking to curb those cravings once and for all, check below for details on our upcoming 5 Day Detox!

2. Feel better.

Simply said. This is what we all want. We want to feel better than we did yesterday and know that we can control how we do this. Sometimes it takes a shake up to see how we feel and what is possible.

3. Lose weight & belly fat.

Give our body a rest! Not just our digestive system but our all of our organs. We all need a kickstart to keep us on track and we all need a plan.

4. No food planning = no stress for you!

According to Neil Pasricha, New York Times bestselling author of The Happiness Equation and The Book of Awesome we have over 300+ decisions every single day. If you have a clear detailed plan of what to eat for just 5 days you will eliminate 1,500 decisions in your work week. Think of the freedom to focus on what matters and be present each and every day!

5. Simple delicious recipes

Soup and smoothies can be the easiest and quickest pathway to kickstart your health journey. They also happen to be the simplest recipes that you can make that fill you up, are loaded with both macro and micro nutrients and can be enjoyed by all family members! Simply, adjust to what you love in your blender or pot and you have the ingredients for success.

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Woot Woot! Coming February 2017 our Strong Nutrition team will be hosting a global 5 Day Soup and Smoothie Shake Up Detox! Stay tuned for more details. Spaces will be limited!! If you are not already apart of our community, sign up here for a FREE Smoothie Guide + to be on the list to participate in the 5 Day Soup and Smoothie Shake Up Detox!

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