5 Must Have Winter Essentials to Keep Fat at Bay

Some of us struggle with the cold, dark months we experience from November until April in Canada. I get it! The biggest challenge is that it makes us want to couch up and Netflix binge. Then come Spring we feel like we need this post hibernation starvation diet.  There are a number of essentials we can make happen to enjoy a healthy and joyful winter season.

1. Light Box Magic

Keep this magic device in your bedroom and wake up peacefully. Allow your body to slowly adjust to the morning. I love my light box! Sleep is should be treasured and with a light box you can enjoy a restful night sleep and transition into the hustle and bustle of the morning without the annoying buzz of an alarm or blaring hit song of the week.

2. Book Your Next Adventure

The anticipation of your next trip, adventure or new experience is half the fun! Get your plans into your calendar and enjoy the excitement of knowing that you will enjoy quality time with my friends or family. This doesn’t have to be the biggest trip you have ever had or cost a fortune. Take a day trip to try snowshoeing, hike in the woods with a close friend and your pooch, outdoor skating or a pond hockey game can feel like you have changed it up and got out of your cave. Now, that being said there is nothing better than a day at Scandinave Spa or an escape to somewhere warm. We all love that winter vacation whether hitting the slopes or the sun and surf. Just make a plan and look forward to your time!

3. Vitamin D

So many of us go from the car to the garage to the work parking garage, back home. Never even setting a step outside …  forget getting any Vitamin D naturally from the outdoors!?!?! Many autoimmune and chronic illness’ can be related to deficiencies in Vitamin D. This essential Vitamin provides us with needed support for our adrenals, nervous system and hormone regulation.The body will store fat if we are stressed out and our hormones are not balanced.  It is recommended we need a minimum of 2-3000 Vit D IU/drops a day. Liquid form is the easiest way to add it to your daily routine. You can slide this into your smoothie, take it straight up or add to your morning yoghurt. Check out our recommended quality supplements at strong.metagenics.com and receive 20% off your order.

4. Protein Rich Snacks

Super essential to keeping our body fat low! Protein is thermogenic and will burn fat if we consume it at regular times throughout the day. If we can burn fat and stabilize our blood sugar we can optimize how we feel and will be less likely to reach for the comfort foods and cravings of sugary or salty foods. Try and add minimum of 3 protein servings a day to your diet and watch how you feel. Maybe start your day with a protein rich smoothie and include snacks that are heavy on the healthy protein scale.

5. Essential Oils

You’ve probably heard of these but what exactly are they? Essential Oils are natural, highly concentrated oils found in plants. Think about the mist that you see and smell when you peel into an orange… these are the oils of the rind. Tested and bottled, these oils can be UH-MAZING for supporting a multitude of health issues. In particular (for sake of this article), fat loss. There are lots of different reasons we don’t lose fat, and one of them is elevated blood sugars from stress, consuming too many carbs and or junk. Cinnamon Bark is a beauty way to help lower blood sugars and help lower body fat. Add  1 drop of this oil to a smoothie or glass of water a day and let it go to work on your sugars!

For more info on this or other oils, drop me a line, I’d love to set up a 15 min free wellness consult.

Make this winter your healthiest yet with these essentials. Follow me on social media as I share my adventures and tricks to enjoy the winter months out of hibernation!

In best health,

Michelle xx

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