Win Your Food Fight ~ Get Rid of Emotional Eating Forever

Do you want to win? Is food your nemesis and something you always fight having to think about or make a healthy choice? Have you tried every fad diet and program known to mankind? If any of this sounds familiar and makes you super stressed and frustrated, you are not alone. I wanted to  celebrate National Nutrition Month talking about you and your food fight.

Literally, millions of people everyday struggle to choose the healthy choices that will allow them to live a life that allows them to feel full of energy, optimize their weight and long-term health. I believe this does NOT have to be this difficult. There really are NO secrets to feeling sexy and healthy!


1. It Starts With You

Emotional eating allows you to feel in control of your pleasures and satisfaction. It can numb negative stuff going on in your life and make it easy to ignore. Start with you and your feelings and yes, feel them! All of them! I recommend even naming the feeling ~ mad, frustrated, sad, lonely, angry maybe guilty. When you name your feeling you will be that much better at listening to really what you body or mind needs. The choice will be clearer.

2. Know Your Triggers

So it’s night time and the kids are in bed, you are exhausted from your busy work day and dammit this is your time. So you reach for the bag of chips or cookies and say “I deserve this!” It is holiday and party time so why not? I deserve to eat whatever I want. We have all been there. Bored, celebrating or simply exhausted and just need to reach for the crappy snacks that we think will make us feel better. Know your triggers. Be aware that when you are tired or going on vacation that is when you fall off the wagon ride.  Of course, it is fine to celebrate and enjoy but know WHY you are choosing the junk and that it is not simply one of your trigger reactions.  Be in control and mindful of your choices.

3. Spoil Yourself with Well Deserved Pleasures

There are many ways to spoil yourself other than with food. Yes, food marketing campaigns always make it easy for us to fall into that trap and think we can feel just like that person in the commercial after the bag of Oreos is empty?!?! Choose the pleasures that we know will make you feel better, more mindful. Take a hot bath with lavendar epsom salts, go for a walk outdoors, attend a hot yoga class, make your favorite hot drink to slowly enjoy and make your healthy food and treats look better than any magazine shot. Angela Liddon does this fabulously! Check out her images of beautiful, inviting healthy food in her book. Pleasures can be celebrated without the sugar, carb loaded junk. Find your pleasure and spoil yourself!

4. Eat When Your Hungry

Sounds simple, right! Bored, tired or just happen to be in the kitchen? It doesn’t mean that it is time to eat. You know this. We need to eat when we are hungry not just because it is there or a habit. You know the people that we wish would think before they speak? Well, it’s the same for food. Stop. Think. Feel. Ask yourself, am I really hungry or just think I am. Be mindful about your hunger!

5. Do You Know How Beautiful You Are?

We all do it. Look at the magazines, television and people at the coffee shop and think wow if only I looked like that. Nowadays, social media with all the amazing filters and editing tools can make anyone look like they want. But the photo will never capture the true beauty within you or that confidence when you wear your favourite jeans or the smile when you light up the room and share your beauty. Just think how many industries would go out of business if we actually liked and celebrated the gorgeousness we have.  It’s time to know we are beautiful and love thyself.

Food doesn’t have to be the fight you need to win. Celebrate the goodness in you and your healthy choices! If you want any further help understand your personal challenges check my services out for one on one consulting. You will always “win” with being mindful and celebrating your uniqueness and beauty.

In your best health,

Michelle xox0
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Image credit: Brooke Lark

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