Bloat, Burp and Burden: Nutritionist Shares How to Fix

“Bloat, Burp and Burden: Nutritionist Shares How to Fix” By Strong Nutrition

We all have those friends that apologize after a meal or a drink when their body reacts with a loud digestive embarrassing response! Ekk! The fact of the matter is, many people suffer from the challenge and burden of an ongoing digestive distress. Digestive upset and gut issues plague millions of people annually –  you are not alone!

Have a look and share with me if you relate to any of our friends below!

5 Friends that Suffer from Bloat, Burp and Burden: Nutritionist Shares How to Fix


1. Bloated Belching Barb

It is NOT normal to belch constantly if our bodies are in perfect working order. This is a sign that we are eating too quickly, combining the wrong foods together, drinking with our meals or eating too many simple carbohydrates. As an expert nutritionist specializing in gut health, I hear about these digestive woes everyday. So what can be done? Be mindful of what you are combining together. Some macronutrients digest quicker (carbs) in our stomachs than others (protein), causing food to ferment and cause inflammation. Eating a piece of fruit after having a big steak can cause the fruit to sit and ferment while it waits for the protein in the steak to break down!


2. Constipated Carlie

POOP,  a conversation I happily have with each and every single client. Why? Well I firmly believe that our poop tells us a lot about the health of our GI system.  Hard, painful stood? No urge? Food in your stool? It all tells us a story. So what should Carlie do?  Start with keeping a food diary. Simple, yes. Helpful and super critical, definitely. Let’s work together to see what foods you are eating and what is causing your gut health to be out of balance. This is a great start. Constipation can be caused by a number of challenges. Yes, water is critical but so is understanding food intolerances. Watch out for common offenders like sugar, simple carbs like bread and pasta, dairy, soy and gluten.

3. Recurring Reflux Ralph

Heartburn is not fun and Ralph struggles daily with this. He has been prescribed medications to manage the pain and eats Tums like candy. Nothing seems to help. Let’s find out why the reflux is happening rather than bandaid and just stop the pain. Very often reflux can occur not because you have too much acid, but actually just the opposite! Not enough acid could also be the cause. Crazy right?! When we stop the production of acid we can cause even more issues. Couple of things Ralph can do to manage his reflux. Take 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar before his meals to stimulate acid production and help digest food. If he is having symptoms, sleeping with his pillow slightly elevated can help ease this uncomfortable feeling. Lastly, understanding what foods are causing the inflammation and reflux is key. Consider simple carbs like alcohol, breads and pasta, red meat and super spicy foods as possible irritants. This is a common complaint in my clinic that can be solved! We got your back!

4. Gassy Grim Gail

Gail can clear a room. You know the friend that is completely lady like until she eats certain food combinations. I would share with Gail some simple quick changes to manage her “gas” and undigested foods. No more drinking with meals and chew your food slowly and fully! Yes, Gail you can eliminate or reduce your gas by doing these simple changes. You may have to look at what foods are causing you gas and the food combinations you are eating. Before I knew I had a dairy intolerance I thought it was perfectly normal to create smells and sounds like this. You are not alone Gail but this has to stop!

5.Diarrhea Debilitated Denise

“I can’t join you tonight.” … for Denise means, I am spending the night at the porcelain party for one. Scared to leave the house because the trips to the bathroom can be non-stop after eating certain foods, ugh! So what can she do about it?  Lack of good bacteria to properly absorb and breakdown foods is often the culprit. Consider consuming foods that help populate the gut with lots of good bacteria. Fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, and pickles will help  create harmony in the gut. Want more? well look no further than at the power of probiotics. These are highly concentrated strains of bacteria that will only help to tame Denise’s tummy.

The statistics from the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation confirm that “more than 20 million Canadians suffer from digestive disorders every year.” Those of you who are affected know how devastating this can be on your personal and professional life. However, because few people speak openly about their digestive symptoms, the magnitude of the problem is underestimated by government, employers and the general public.

I see all of your friends in my clinic daily and can shed insight with practical results that can make a difference in their gut health. There is no reason anyone should have to live with debilitating and potentially ongoing health risks with poor gut health. Let them know, there are solutions!

Get a free consult to share your challenges and to be the best you!

In best health,

Michelle xo

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