YOU Matter: Free Food Therapy Session with Your Gut Guru Nutritionist

“YOU Matter: Free Food Therapy Session with Your Gut Guru Nutritionist” by Strong Nutrition

Our pace of “life” here in Canada seems to have increased yet our health seems to be suffering. We all want to be and do better but sometimes we can’t figure out how to make that happen. Taking care of ourselves seems to be on the long list of to do’s. It always comes after the kids soccer, family commitments, household chores, birthday celebrations or work.

When do YOU really matter? What is the moment that you will say I do need to take care of myself? All over the world this month including Canada, leaders will celebrate International Self-Care Day and make mention of the importance of healthy living and eating as part of the agenda.

We all have heard the saying “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ― Hippocrates but what does that really mean for you? When do YOU matter and how can food help?



Foodie’s are everywhere. But maybe you don’t consider yourself one and truthfully have no desire. Super fine of course!  But food is one of the most basic essentials of life. So rather than dreading the kitchen cupboard if we switch the mindset and chatter to wow look at what is fresh in my fridge or in my cupboard we can learn to love food. Food is energy and food is our natural medicine. Therapy for our soul and our body. When we look at what goes in our bodies as super important to self-care we learn to appreciate every last healthy bite.


Man, another meal to plan and another trip to the grocery store. When does it end? Shop once, eat twice. That is the only way it works for me. I always plan my meals and write out my grocery list on the weekends. When I do plan I always make a little extra chicken or quinoa salad. Not everyone loves leftovers but let’s just call it re-“presented” chicken so it shows up in a stir fry the next day or a pasta. It really can be that simple but please do not overthink. Simplicity is key here! Visit your local farmers markets as early as May to make the shopping trip an excursion to not only get what is in season, but from the hands of local farmers that love what they do!


I love to travel. And I love food. So when you combine the two you end of with a “World Food Tour” right out of your own kitchen with a little creativity and lots of adventurous spirit. Ever notice that the Europeans are known for their long drawn out meals. They consider food as their time to relax and celebrate. Slow down and appreciate where the food came from and eat in season. They got this down!

Food made with love, nourishes our bodies with love. Simplicity is again essential. Cool tip that I love to share is the combination of food and travel right here at home. More deets to follow next month! Check out this veggie recipe to escape to Africa for a little Moroccan flair. Maybe even add a beautiful rug and low lights to set the mood for a Marrakesh filled exotic night with your family!

Send me your thoughts on how food is your “healthy “medicine and what self-care means to you. We would love to feature your ideas on the next blog and share with our Strong community!

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