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Michelle Strong - Strong Nutrition & Weight Loss

Michelle Strong, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Michelle Strong (RHN), your nutritionist extraordinaire is the founder of the Strong Nutrition and Weight Loss clinic – a boutique nutrition practice for weight loss and prevention/ management of chronic illness. Her approach is integrative and addresses the emotional connections people have with food instead of the simplistic and outdated calorie-in vs. calorie-out mentality.

Why nutrition? The passion for this field grew steadily after watching her grandparents suffer from an array of chronic diseases. Determined to not go down this road herself, Michelle has made it her mission to inspire and educate anyone who will listen that healthy lifestyle can be fun and delicious.

Michelle is very hands on with all her clients, ensuring everyone feels supported and uplifted through their own journey- and  it’s what sets her apart of the pack. Her undeniable passion for seeing individuals succeed is contagious.

Michelle is often featured on Television sharing food and lifestyle strategies and while you will find many online and print writing from Michelle, Your Weight Loss G-Spot is Michelle’s first major book publication.

Michelle has been speaking publicly to audiences of all sizes for the past 7 years including organizations like Red Cross and Nike.

Michelle is an avid traveler and lover of all fuzzy creatures and on a rare night off you can find her snuggled up to watch the latest reality TV show. She is married and currently lives in Toronto Canada.

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Lori Pearson - Strong Nutrition & Weight Loss

Lori Pearson, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Lori Pearson (RHN), is a passionate health enthusiast who believes in living a simple essence with healthy, delicious real life food. Her commitment is to educating individuals and families on eating whole food, for life. She loves to empower you to make the meal planning and nourishing food choices a lifestyle.

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with a background in Kinesiology, she loves sharing solutions and action plans that you can implement today. The solutions she shares are practical, simple and can be accomplished right away.

Lori is a mother of 3 active, involved teenagers and understands the desire to balance your day with healthy family meal planning that is clean, simple and delicious. She is motivated by sharing her experience and tools to live that über, wholesome life you are ready for.

Eat well, move more, get outside & travel often. Be strong for you.

Why You Want Me In Your Life

Here at Strong Nutrition we strive to assist everyone in creating a happy and healthier you. We have all experienced the frustrations of endless failed dieting and “quick weight loss” scams. However, with Strong Nutrition; our goal is to provide realistic weight loss and healthier living solutions, catered to YOU!

Throughout the website you will find the most current wellness advice, as well as our Free Health Assessment. Within a few moments you can find out where you stand! Feel free to reach out and contact us with any questions, comments, or suggestions you might have.

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