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Strong Nutrition & Weight Loss - Transformations
Best results I’ve ever had that last!

Important to have a program that suits your individual needs for healthy results. Live pain free, live with boundless energy, regain all mobility and more, regain self-confidence and self-esteem. Live green, organic, toxin-free brings the best results, find your inspiration and stick to it.

Long lasting results must be done slowly and consistently to sustain long term. Do as you are instructed, try everything, any negotiation or compromise will compromise true results. Online support and accessibility, guidance and recipes are effective.

Get out of your fitness comfort zone, try everything, but best results comes only from weight training and resistance training with a proper healthy plan.*



Strong Nutrition & Weight Loss - Transformations

When I first met Michelle I was in a physical rut. My weight was 15 pounds more than I wanted it to be.

I was snacking too much, I was tired and I did not sleep well. Once I embarked on my journey with Michelle I started to change the way I viewed food and health in general. I learned what my body needed and why. I put my faith in Michelle and started to follow her program. I was skeptical at first as she did not include any “diet” foods, but once I started her program I noticed that not only did I lose weight but I changed the way my body responded and demanded food.

In addition to losing weight I started to sleep better and I no longer have the 3pm slump. I am now more than 10 pounds less than my goal weight because I no longer struggle with food. I do not deny myself food. My body now just demands healthy food. I am stronger and healthier than I have been in years. I feel that I will approach the second half of my life with greater strength and energy than I could ever have imagined. Throughout my journey with Michelle I have been struck not only by how knowledgeable and professional she is but also by how compassionate and committed she was to my success.

Michelle inspired me every step of the way. I never dreamed I would achieve the results I have and I know I never could have done it without Michelle’s guidance, support, dedication and wealth of knowledge.

I cannot recommend her highly enough. She has changed my life forever.*


Strong Nutrition & Weight Loss - Transformations
Faster, stronger and 15lbs down!

I am an avid runner, who has run for 30 plus years for health and fitness. 10 years ago I was talked into trying to run a marathon and qualify for the Boston Marathon. My first few attempts were not successful but I was hooked on running marathons and eventually did qualify. My diet during this past 10 year period was constant, I ate what I liked, only eating properly in the week or two leading up to a race.

Fast food was on my menu 2-3X  a week. I felt I could eat whatever I wanted and burn it off with an extra mile or two added to a run. In the last 18 months though I was slowing down, my times were not what they were. My legs felt tired and heavy, I was no table to spring out of bed in the mornings and feel good going for my training runs. One other noticeable sign, my pants were tighter, I had moved up a size. I stepped on the scale, this was my heaviest since I started running.

Yes I was getting older, maybe that was it, but perhaps it was  my eating habits. I discussed this with a friend, he just happened to be a client of Michelle’s. He suggested I contact her. I met with Michelle in late December. We discussed what I ate, how much and at what times during the day. She told me quite honestly that I was not consuming the proper foods for my lifestyle, nor was I eating at the right times of the day, too many big meals and not enough grazing during the day.

She recommended a complete overhaul of what I ate and when. It all made sense to me and I embraced it from the start. Within the first week I could feel and see the change in my body. I had more energy, I was no longer feeling sluggish in the mornings, looking for that afternoon nap. As I continued to see Michelle and follow her plan for me I was feeling even better. I was back to wearing my previous size clothes, I felt faster in my runs. It has now been 3 months, I am now down to my goal weight, my body fat is down 5.5%, with hopes of bringing that down even more while staying at my current weight.

I am looking forward to the spring to test my new self in a marathon. I feel confident I will be running times I have not seen in 5/6 years. I was able to run recently with someone, with whom I have not run with since I have seen Michelle. He complemented me saying he had not seen me run like this for a couple of years asked me what I had been doing. I explained to him I had met with Michelle, who overhauled my diet and this was the result.

I would recommend anyone who feels they need to feel better and eat healthier, see Michelle and give it a try, you will be glad you did!*



Strong Nutrition & Weight Loss - Transformations
After moving away from home for university, the inevitable happened.

I gained weight and did not follow a healthy lifestyle, as my main concern was excelling in my studies. When I returned, Michelle helped me get back on track. Besides losing the weight, I was able to adopt a healthier lifestyle through diet and exercise.

Michelle was an instrumental part of this transition and I am so thankful for her guidance! I feel better than I have ever felt in my life and I am much more confident now.*


Strong Nutrition & Weight Loss - Transformations
I have lost 35 pounds, I feel fantastic!

I started seeing Michelle last August. I was looking at how I could eat healthy and lose weight. Michelle guided me on a journey that involved getting my diet back on track, and with amazing results.

I have lost 35 pounds, I feel fantastic, and I seem to be eating all day long.*

Diane (Oakville)


I started working with Michelle Armstrong in August of 2011 after approximately 2 years of less than optimal health.

In spite of eating what I thought was a healthy diet, I felt sluggish and suffered through several digestive issues – discomfort, irregularity and an accumulation of body fat around the stomach area.

Michelle immediately went to work on a plan to “feed” me back to good health. Within 4 weeks I noticed an incredible difference in the way I felt – and looked. Michelle tailored a plan that educated me about what foods I should eat, what foods I should avoid, and how often I should eat them.

I was pleasantly surprised at how very delicious my new meal plan was. I will forever be grateful to Michelle, The “Oakville Nutritionist”!*

Marg J (Dundas)

Thank you!

You have helped me more than you may realize. You have been a guardian angel and protector to me when I couldn’t be one to myself. 

Thanks for the email last night which identified my blockage. 
Thanks for the email which acknowledged my pain. 
Thanks for finding time to talk to me and squeeze me in this afternoon.
Thanks for helping me see that I am not weak.

Thanks for talking my stuff through. 
Thanks for sharing some of your story with me.
Thanks for emailing me after our call and telling me you are proud of me. 
Thanks for thinking of and asking another client to write me some words of wisdom.
Thanks for forwarding me her kind thoughts. 
Thanks for being with me these last 24 hours. 
Thanks for being you. 
Thanks for choosing this profession.
Thanks for your thoughtfulness, sensitivity, wisdom, understanding and patience. 
You are a beautiful person and you have enriched my life. Thank you Michelle!*

Dana T (Ottawa)


Less than a month…completely regular!

I met with Michelle about 10 months ago, seeking help with my constipation issues. I’m a pretty health-conscious person – I eat very well and exercise regularly, so it was quite odd to me that I was constipated all the time. I had even resorted to drinking green tea laxatives just to be able to relieve myself. Without these teas, I was probably only using the washroom once or twice a week.

After Michelle talked to me about my diet and lifestyle, we figured out the cause of my constipation, and what needed to change in my life. After less than a month of trying different things, Michelle had me completely regular. I now use the washroom every morning, and have been for the past 8 or 9 months! It feels amazing…I highly recommend seeing Michelle for any issues you might be experiencing!*

Monique (Toronto)

Down 25 lbs and feeling fantastic!

Michelle is truly holistic. All her efforts are geared towards a sustainable healthy life. She helped me change the way I viewed food. Thanks to her, I don’t see making healthy choices as a sacrifice. It is now part of me and I don’t have to think about it anymore. Being healthy is not a choice anymore, it is just the way I’m now.

I lost 25 pounds without thinking a was on a diet. I have more energy and feel stronger. I cannot thank Michelle enough for helping me reach a sustainable and healthy style of life.*

Ernesto (Oakville)


Waiting means just another empty New Years resolution…

As a current client, I would encourage everyone to make an appointment with Michelle.
I am 45.5 lbs down and my husband is around the same, since mid-January and feel amazing! My husband and I did the July Crunch Challenge – just because – and we’re doing it again, starting today. Just because.

6 months ago, I don’t think we could have done it. If you start, today, imagine how good you could feel by New Years! Waiting means just another empty New Years resolution.*

Karah (Burlington)

This process is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change!

There was nothing medically wrong with me when I first went to see Michelle. Physically however, I never felt worse. It started with what I was later told was acid reflux…after I ate, I felt like there was air trapped in my chest the size of a baseball and it was causing me to constantly burp until it eventually evaporated. I was also extremely bloated and it never went away! Over time, it got to the point that no matter what I ate, I felt sick almost immediately after eating. In addition to the burping, I would either feel nauseous or have to run to the bathroom. Eventually, I developed extreme anxiety over food and eating…

Simply put, Michelle has not only changed my life but also the quality of my life. I started a gluten free lifestyle and went on a couple natural supplements to help heal my gut. I wasn’t put on a “diet” but started to pick healthier choices…

In four months, I was beginning to reverse four years worth of damage to my body with Michelle’s help. I was also losing weight. Although not a primary goal, I soon realized that it became one…

This process is not a diet, but a lifestyle change. My anxiety is still there but I now have the tools to work through it when it does pop up. Michelle’s help with this is invaluable during this ongoing process. I am almost 20lbs lighter and am on no prescription medication. By being more active and eating healthy, I have more energy, am more happy and am even building muscle and losing fat by working out. Four months ago, I couldn’t image being in the place that I am in now and I can’t wait to see where I will be in another 4 months!*

Allison O (Burlington)